Monday, January 23, 2012

Shameless Plug

It’s been a while since I brought it up, so I wanted to remind you about The Story @ Home conference. I don't want you to miss out! All the popular people are going to be there! (Not the ones you hated in high school. We’ve gone to great lengths to make sure they know they are not invited.)

Anyhoot, it is two days of workshops, lectures, and entertainment – all about telling your stories, tracing and creating your family history, and all the wonderful technologies now available to make it easy and a delightful way to spend some time. 

I have personally been asked to speak at this conference. I KNOW! I am honored, humbled, and not sure what to wear. I'm thinking this. You can pretty much wear one of these anywhere.  

My lecture is about how to tell your story; sharing your spiritual convictions without sounding like the preacher on Pollyanna. (That's not exactly how they explained it to me, but in order for me to understand complex themes, I usually break it down in my head to the Disney movie it most resembles.)

And since I didn't get you anything for Christmas, how about THIS:  The December discount package is still available!  Check out the links below! 

And P.S., it's kind of an unspoken thing, but this is really a popularity contest amongst us speakers. So if I have the fewest people show up to my lecture, I have it on pretty good authority that those popular kids from high school are going to be waiting outside the conference to give me a wedgie. Especially after I just referenced Pollyanna in such an un-masculine way like that. So. Please. Come. 

See you in March!


Kazzy said...

Looking forward to meeting you there!

Lori Allred said...

I attended your class and really enjoyed what you had to share. Thank you for participating!!

Ken Craig said...

Thank you so much, Lori! You are very sweet. It was a great weekend and I was honored to be able to participate!