Monday, June 02, 2008

Questions & Answers

Over the weekend I received the most spectacular email. It was a fascinating read, and gave me great pause as I reflected on its intriguing exterior and deeper assertion. I was initially unprepared for such a complex, philosophical investigation and soul searching inquiries as these; yet as I read this long list of personal questions, each one probing further into my unpremeditated thoughts, I couldn’t help but to respond with instinctive honesty and audacious truth.

And here are my responses:

1. First Name: What do you want it to be? (OK, it’s Ken)             
2. Were you named after anyone? My pops.
3. Do you wish on stars? Well, if by “star” you mean celebrity, then yes I have. I once wished Jennifer Lopez would stop making movies.
4. When did you last cry? At the end of Indiana Jones 4. So disappointed, I wept.
5. Do you like your handwriting? Meh. Not really.
6. What is your favorite lunchmeat?  Pizza.
7. What is your birth date? March 17.
8. What is your most embarrassing CD?  Well, I do own Neil Diamond’s “The Jazz Singer.” But I will go on record that I am in fact NOT embarrassed about it. I am slightly embarrassed about my TV Theme Songs CD. That is, until the Golden Girls theme song comes on, because really, if you did in fact throw a party and invited everyone you knew, you would see the biggest gift would be from me. (And the card attached would say “Thank you for being a friend.”)
9. If you were another person, would YOU be friends with you? Yeah, I think I would. But mostly so that I could hang around Katie.
10. Are you a daredevil? Oh, heavens yes. This one time I ate ice cream AFTER 10 p.m.! Oh, that went right to the thighs. I just threw caution to the wind on that one. But I’m crazy like that.
11. Have you ever told a secret you swore not to tell?  No, my friend.  Your secret is still safe with me. (Wink, wink.)
12. Do looks matter? Well, mine do.
13. How do you release anger?  I make out my “People to Whack” list and hand it over to my mob friends. 
14. Where is your second home?   The car.
15. Do you trust others easily? Why? What are you getting at? What is this for? Who else knows about this?
16. What was your favorite toy as a child? Star Wars figures.
17. What class in high school do you think was totally useless? Yes.
18. Do you have a journal?  I do, but I never use it, as I can’t read or write. I don’t even know how I’m completing this survey.
19. Do you use sarcasm a lot?  I use sarcasm exclusively.
20. What are your nicknames?   Craigles, Kenfusion, Keneroni, KC, Kenji, Kentacular. (Most of these I just made up. But I didn’t want to look un-cool by not having nicknames.)
21. Would you bungee jump?  When I was younger, I did bungee jump. I also skydived, parasailed, and occasionally would break dance. Because before you have children, you are immortal and pretty sure nothing bad will ever happen to you. I have since learned NOT to publicly break dance. (Or do any of those other things.)
22. Do you untie your shoes when you take them off? Shoes?
23. Do you think that you are strong? Odor-wise…or…what?
24. What is your favorite ice cream flavor? Just put it in front of me.
25. Shoe Size? 10.5 in Men’s (Or 23 in Boy’s)
26. Red or pink? Red or pink what?
27. What is your least favorite thing about yourself? Hmmm, let’s see. Uhm…gee, I dunno. Well, there’s my…no, that’s not it. Oh, I know – nah, that’s not a good one. Well, there’s always…nope. Hmm. Oh, now I remember – my indecisiveness.
28. Who do you miss most? Sunday afternoon naps.
29. What color pants and shoes are you wearing? Black shoes, no pants (Scottish kilt.)
30. What are you listening to right now? My tummy. It’s saying “more ice cream.”
31. Last thing you ate? Well, I’m trying to eat healthier. So I had a bowl of steamed vegetables. With ice cream.  
32. If you were a crayon, what color would you be? An oak. Oh, wait, that’s if I were a tree.
33. What is the weather like right now?  It’s like Las Vegas.
34. Last person you talked to on the phone? Katie.
35. The first thing you notice about the opposite sex? That they are more attractive than men.
36. Favorite Drink? Strawberry lemonade. What? It is TOO a manly drink!
37. Favorite Sport? Trying to find the car keys. I guess it isn’t my favorite, really, but it’s the one I end up playing more than any other sport. 
38. Hair Color?  I’m a natural brown. (and grey)
39. Eye Color? Brown (and white)
40. Do you wear contacts? Nope.
41. Favorite Food? Yes it is.
42. Last Movie You Watched? Enchanted.
43. Scary Movies Or Happy Endings?  Can’t we all just get along?
44. Summer Or Winter? May through December is where it’s at, for me.
45. Hugs OR Kisses?  Now slow down there, sweetheart.
46. What Is Your Favorite Dessert? Why don’t you just ask me to choose my favorite child while you’re at it?
47. Living Arrangements? I make Katie happy, and I get to live with her.
48. What Books Are You Reading?  The TV Guide. It’s FASCINATING!
49. What's On Your Mouse Pad?  Uhmmm…looks like ketchup stains.
50. What Did You Watch Last night on TV? Nothing.
51. Favorite Smells? The beach. Clean laundry.  
52. Favorite Sounds? Ed McMahan’s voice. “Mr. Craig, you just won $1 Million!”
53. Rolling Stones or Beatles? U2
54. Do you believe in Evolution or Creation? Does anyone really believe in evolution? I mean…REALLY? Do they also believe in goblins, the boogeyman, and taxes?
55. What's the furthest you've been from home? Israel.
56. What is your pet-peeve? People asking me what I like most about myself.
57. What do you like the most about yourself?  Oh, you are KILLING ME!
58. If you could change something about yourself, what would it be? I would change it so that I could FLY! 
59. Who is your make-believe hero and living hero? Well, I believe that the children are our future and that the greatest love of all is learning to love yourself.
60. If you could teach one thing to the world, what would it be? I'd like to teach the world to send me money so that I wouldn’t have to work for a living, but rather spend my days becoming a world-traveler and famous writer. And work on my tan.

Okay, now that I’m done with your interrogation, I’D like to ask some questions. That’s right, the tables have turned. Now I’M holding the proverbial conch. And this is what I want. I want to do a Roll Call of sorts, here. I want to know who’s out there. Who is reading The Craig Report? Anybody? Just the original 5 college friends who signed a contract with me that we would all start a blog at the same time? Just family? Long lost friends? Did we date in high school? Did you laugh at me while I played Water Polo? They MADE us wear Speedos, you know! It wasn’t MY choice!

I’m just intrigued by the idea of seeing if anyone is out there, and who they might be. And in order to sound compLETELY narcissistic about this, I will also be offering a free autographed photo of myself to anybody who leaves a comment! That’s right, I ‘m opening this post for comments! (Just click on the "comments" button on the bottom!)

Let me know: Are you out there? Do YOU have a blog I should be reading? How did you find The Craig Report? Are we friends? Do we know the same people? Is there anything I can do for you? Do you have any recommendations for baby names? Are you as personally offended as I am at the price of gas? 


Kricket said...

Stake YW President.......

Miss Five said...

Ken Craig...I'm the happy recipient of your voicemail messages...if you know what I mean. And I think you do. And my only "feedback" about your blog is that it needs updating more often...because I love your writing...and your singing.

Jonelle said...

Jefferson Briggs said said: >>>Let me know: Are you out there? Do YOU have a blog I should be reading? How did you find The Craig Report? Are we friends? Do we know the same people? Is there anything I can do for you? Do you have any recommendations for baby names? Are you as personally offended as I am at the price of gas? >>>>

I am out here, and so is the truth! I do have a blog. It is not as funny or clever as yours, so I don't know if you should bother reading it. We are friends, and we know the same people, even missionaries from other states. You asked what you can do for me... two words- Napolean Dynamite, delivered to my house each evening. Don't pretend you hate ice cream, I know better! Baby names...KENdall, KENnedy, KENsington, KENtucky, KATarina, KATIE jo, KATarumba. That is all I have. Yes, gas prices are what anxiety at the pump is all about. $109 for a tank of gas is wrong, especially in America... but don't get me started! And please... the Scottish kilt? The HOA sent a letter about that, however, I just wrote back- "If it's not Scottish, it's crap!"

teddi said...

Your cute Teddi is here. I think you already know about my blog?? And I can't wait till someone starts sending you money so you can become a famous author so I can read your books and tell everyone about the time we (oh, but that's a secret!)

Amy Wiltbank said...

I've made similar pleas on my blog for a roll call of sorts, to little avail, so I will oblige you! I found your blog through Eric Snider's blog. I don't know you, I am offended by gas prices, and all I can say is, don't give your baby a name that starts with "Mc" because you will regret it. I do have a blog. This post will link to it. Thanks for writing an entertaining blog!

Josh said...

Yes we should be friends and yes I have a blog you should read, but I think you already do.

Is you asking for baby names a coy way of announcing that you are having another baby?

Still thinking about that special edition snickers....

Holli said...

Your loving sister is here reading! My Google homepage lists your blog and lets me know whenever it gets updated so I can jump on and read it right away.

And additionally, since I didn't see a place to comment on your last post, "Parental Discretion Advised", I want to go on record that I was only FOUR years in old in 1979 and cannot be blamed for telling Dad what we watched on TV! Thank you.

Brittany said...

I came to your blog via Julie Konchar's family blog. She was actually my babysitter (yes, that's right) when I was growing up and somewhere along the line found out I had two boys (3 and 1) both born at home. She suggested I check out your blog because your wife was a wealth of knowledge ... so here I am. The prices of gas are appalling, that's why I keep my family shut in :) Really though, I haven't driven any less even with the increasing prices. So, thank you for the good read, good luck with the birth of your baby.

Livingstonslifeinmontana said...

I'm Amy Christensens sister and she got me hooked on your blog. I've been checking it faithfully since 2005. My favorite blog is "A Soap by Any Other Name" and the one about the guy calling you the wrong name at the grocery store. We always get a good laugh. You have a gift.

lilcis said...

I found your blog through Eric D. Snider's recommendation. And it just so happens that my husband is one of your mission buddies. And I met you at our (mine and David's, not mine and yours) wedding.

Small world, eh? Oh, and we happen to share a favorite Canadian.

I have no blog, because the only time I would update it is when I'm at work. And I'm pretty sure I'd get fired for that.

Konchar Family said...

Finally, you enabled comments! If only for this blog! Definitely a regular reader of your blog, but you already knew that. My only complaint is that your posts are a little too few and far between for my tastes. I have zero baby name suggestions, but for a cat I like Doulglas or Patricia.
Thanks for all the laughs, you inshpire me!

Anonymous said...

I am part of the elite club that found your site through Eric D. Snider.

I am also part of the elite club that thinks your posts are too few and far between.

As for baby names, I am partial to Andrea.

Carie said...

Of course I am reading your blog . . . it is after all hilarious and all we have left of you and Katie besides Christmas cards - which we love (yours are always the funniest.)

Baby names: Indianna?

Mark and I still talk about you guys . . .

Travis & Amber said...

We want the signed photo!! We think we’re friends but it takes two to tango and you might interpret the relationship different. Yes we have a blog and are almost offended that you have not read it yet-seriously we thought we meant something to each other.
We think you are one of the most hilarious guys we have met-and only wish we could read your blog more often.
We like Dwight as a baby name (boy or girl)
We are appalled at the price of gas and we were thinking about taking out a 2nd on our home to afford gas, but realized we were renting so we think we are going to have to walk.
Thanks for bringing a smile to our face while the office is in hiatus.

petie said...

I read your blog faithfully and would even count it as my [favorite] this year. . .you know, if there was anywhere to record such a thing. As for the baby names. . .I'd recommend GARY, but it's currently in contention for my nephew, to be born in July. I wish I was kidding, but I'm not. Send my photo now, please!

liNdsEY aNdERsoN said...

i know why you are doing this. and i think it has become a sick sick obsession, ken craig. you need to let visions of grandeaur go ;)

Marlise said...

I DEFINITELY read your blog...often, and I take notes. But I think you know that (not about taking notes, but about reading your blog). And I don't just read it cuz I'm your sister. I read it cuz you are freakin' hilarious, and I love your writing!! You make me smile. I have a blog, but I'm not witty like you. :) I can't wait to see you guys NEXT WEEK! And if you get any good baby name ideas, that you won't be using, pass them on, huh? Thanks, duder! Love you!!

Mitch said...

Yes, I have a blog. No, you shouldn't read it. Unless you like a lot of kids. Oh, wait. Nevermind.

As far as baby names, I have tried to get Kim to buy off on Archibald (Arch Bishop), but so far, Kimmy no likey. I'm also partial to Max Power or Sloth. Sorry, all my suggestions revolve around boys since I must have been irradiated by gamma rays when I was younger. (Mr. McGee, don't make me angry...You wouldn't like me when I'm angry.)

Keep up the fun blog - found it through Ro Shearer. While I may find you mildly amusing Mr. Craig, my wife looks like she's going to wee wee in her pantaloons when she reads your blog. Seriously, we both love to read your insights, and I'm not just saying that because you are a man of the cloth.

The Allen Family said...

Wow! Mr. Popular! :) I definitely read this during the lag hours of the day (8 AM-5 PM). :) And, yes, I am offended by the gas prices. Hugs to LIA!

Anonymous said...


I read this thing religiously! Actually check it many times a week hoping for updates!

I'm a sad lonely man.


I'm expecting that autographed photo!

erik said...

Yes we have a blog. But I wanted to write social commentary about what's wrong with families in America, or why we should NOT be angry about illegal immigrants "stealing" our jobs (as I heard recently, "if you're loosing a job to someone who doesn't speak english very well, you don't have a very good job to begin with") or why people shouldn't be personally offended by gas prices (you should be outraged by government subsidies of ethanol, with requires 1700 gallons of water to make just one gallon). Instead, my wife decided our blog should be about cute children that do silly things.
I do read your blog often. But I am not famous and I cannot hire you to write this sort of witty stuff for a newspaper column or a magazine editorial.
But I hope that doesn't dissuade you from writing. Good stuff!

Anonymous said...

SeƱor Craigles? -

Is that you? My long lost pal from way back when? My goodness! How long has it been? Too long! That's what! Oh, man! We've had some great times - you know? Good times, good memories. It's so great to finally find you again after all this time! I hope we can hook up soon and talk about old times, sing old 80's rock tunes slightly off-key, and laugh at each other! I'm so glad I found your blog! . . . .

(wow - is that what it would really be like to find some old friend doing this blogging thing? - Jonnie)

mike c. said...

You know we're avid readers. Sometimes we even print out your posts and use them for FHE lessons.

Jill C. said...

Paul and I are regular readers of The Craig Report. Baby name--my 4 year-old has been recommending to us "Sam I am." We don't have a blog. We are still in the last decade. Hence my email newsletters.

Johnson Family said...

What can I say that has not already been said? Love your blog, cracks me up everytime, I believe you already check out our blog on rare occasions, cause there's not more reason than that we're related. It's pretty boring, but my kids sure are cute. :) love ya.

Amy said...

I found your blog on Jonelle's and Steve and I have been cracking up ever since. To be honest, Steve spends more time reading the archives on your blog than our family blog. I hope he doesn't leave me for you!

Desiree said...

Yes yes we read your blog. I'm usually the first to discover that it has been updated. I inform the other 2 adults in the house and after we dance with joy we all skip to our laptops where we sit reading with goofy grins on our faces and a glow in our eyes. Oh and there’s the occasional giggle (usually from Dustin). We have a blog that never gets updated. We think Ole is a good name and could be used easily for a boy or girl. Oh, and we'd like 3 copies of your autograph because we all know you'll be famous one day, and we'll say, "Oh Ken Craig, yeah we're tight with him. We used to read his blog!"

Jofess (AKA Joseph) said...

One of your faithful readers (at least when things are slow at work). No blog, I live vicariously online through my wife's wonderful blog and that will have to suffice. The price of gas, who doesn't love $4 a gallon? Of course, living two miles from work doesn't hurt. And I will be anxiously awaiting the signed photo, but only if you are wearing the kilt! That I have to see.

Keep blogging! Love every post!

steve said...

I'll expect to be called to the pulpit on Sunday to receive my free signed t-shirt, along with my honorary eagle scout, since i think the latter is worthless (i'm framing the shirt).


Ephraim said...

ditto about sitting at the computer with the silly grin while reading the blog. I just checked today and found I'd missed two entries while we were away from home. We do have a blog that Melinda posts on mostly. Baby names? One of my friends wanted to name a son Mose until "The Office" character came along. But Ella Enchanted didn't deter us from naming Ella, so go for Mose!

Bek said...

Craig..I read your blog but also think you should update more. I also would love to read a blog that Katie writes..

I was there when you got engaged, one of my good friends here is from Katies home ward, we all know the Clarks, etc, etc. I found your blog becuase you begged me to come read it. Just kidding.

Baby names. For our last baby (since we didn't hvae the benefit of a birth mother to help us make the choice) I just let my husband decide. I ran out of names, and I don't even have as many kids as you.... either way, can't wait to hear the name and see the newest Craig.

My neighbor just named her daughter Payslee Lee XXXXX. Don't do that one.

Gas? Don't get me started.

Lenzi said...

I'm so proud of your for letting all of your fans "pat you on the back" for a post well-written by finally allowing comments!

You really opened it up there in the end....But really, deep down I'm left pondering: When will "they" reveal themselves to you? :)

**And my blog's all about tax nightmares, so don't read it any time soon.

Melissa said...

Yes, I am here and one of the masses who reads your blog quite regularly. I believe it is some of the best entertainment available! I was thrilled to see three posts in April and two in May! It is my link to one of the coolest families in Las Vegas! I do have a blog (leuckwhatshappening). I'm not sure if you should be reading it. I fear it would put you to sleep.

The only name I can offer you is Malachi (chi for short). This is the name Jeremiah has always wanted for a boy, but we all know that he has difficulty producing one.

Since you're offering, could you please send me a double double with fries and a chocolate shake express mail?

Take care! And keep writing.

Sean and Kate said...

I do read it, I check about once a week for new posts. I don't know you and will most likely never meet you. Someone I know (I can't remember who it was) told me about it and said that you are funny. I would have to agree, you are very funny(and I dare say witty). Keep up the posts.

Jeanette said...

I am a professional blog surfer and found your blog through the infamous Carie Skinner. Many a day I can be found laughing and tears running down my cheeks. Thanks for the laughs.

Anonymous said...

Vickey Codella here. I am married to Pete. I recently started reading your blog again and have shared it with several others because your "Gettin' the Heck Outta Dodge" post had me laughing so hard I had tears running down my face. Hilarious!
Most of your blogs give me a good laugh. You're back on my favorites list and I read often. Have you ever thought about publishing your blog? Seriously, I would buy a copy. It would be right beside the book Jerry Seinfeld published a few years back "Letters From a Nut". If you haven't read it, you should check it out.

Paul Campbell said...

Ken, you vainglorious man. Look at all these comments, including from deranged strangers you don't know that are the reason you don't leave your address or phone number on your blog. The world loves you, and you don't know it. I'm saying you have amazing influence over people you don't even know, not to mention those you do know. That is how life is, and you have to realize that. If this doesn't keep you from continuing your blog, I don't know what will. At least, hopefully, it will help you to not use your power for evil. That would be sad.

My name is Paul Campbell. I married Jill Winterton. Prepare to die.

No seriously, today is the day to prepare for your death.

The Shearers said...

Of course we read the blog. I have it on my planner to check it at least twice daily. It is a great day in the Shearer household when there is a new post on the Craig Report. We even try to incorporate them into our family home evening lessons so could you work on your timing to come out with the new posts on Monday's? We'd be really appreciative!

Team C said...

If you hadn't made me feel obligated to tell you I was reading (which you already knew) I wouldn't have had to wade my way down a list of 38 others who were leaving messages. 38 Ken? Come on, who are we kidding here. What are you paying these people? Where did you get them from? Was it one of those, "hey, I'll pay you a buck if you'll just leave a comment on my blog and pretend you read it."?Sheesh! Actually, I have my whole family hooked, and we actually call each other and ask if we've read it yet? P.s. Not many truly hillarious ones lately. HE HE Just waiting patiently. Maybe Bishophood has changed you. :)

Tamara Follett said...

Yeah, we dated.....but not in high school! Seriously, curiosity led me to google you one day and I came across your blog. It's so fun to read that I come back every now and again to read your newest entry. What a cute family you two have! I especially loved the one about your daughter throwing up in the van----ewwwwwww! I've gotten lucky in the puke department. The kids have never done it on me, the furniture, or the car--I count myself lucky. Take care!

Lisa said...

It's Lisa. I love your blog. I wish you would post more often, but I understand you're busy. You know the name I want you to name this baby (we're THAT close)!

Mashelle said...

I Ken, it's Mashelle Kaholoaa. I believe you know my husband. ;-) I really enjoy reading your blog. I've recently started our own - Hope all is well. Talk to you soon.

Angela and Mike said...

ken, you know I am a loyal I talk to you about your posts the day after you post them at work. I still think you should write a book...

PMC said...

for heaven's sake ken, you could make a living just writing your blog. i think i will list your blog on my "favorite thing to read while avoiding real life things such as unclogging the toilet (because the 3 yr old needs the roll for a pair of righteous binoculars), trying to take out the ketchup stains out of OUR mousepad, and cooking up another fine dining experience that always seems to involve cheese and white flour in some way....chased by a good helping of sugar and fat of some, oh, i know, ICE CREAM!"
yes, write a book already ken. tell katie i said hi! we just had our sixth baby, but we live in utah, so i don't get as many freaked out looks, or if i do i don't notice it anymore!

megan said...

I am yet another person who found your blog through ericdsnider. No mutual friends or anything, which makes me feel weird commenting here. But hey, you asked. We named our last baby Charlie, and I haven't regretted that decision yet. And as for something you can do for me, well, do you have any experience building fences? Ours blew down last fall and we haven't been too successful at getting our home teachers to do it.

Mashelle said...

What's up? So I was thinking maybe Jimmy, Gigi, Fathead, Kaiwaokalani, any of the above would work as a name for a boy that is. Just thought I send my thoughts. Gigi

Libby Olenslager said...

With all of these name ideas, you must be feeling SOOOO overwhelmed, so here I am to save the day. THE name for your next child should be Libby.... easy as pie. No need to jump for joy or gravel at my feet. It was my pleasure helping you find the most amazing name in the world
..... and I will be expecting that autographed photo on Sunday.

billybob said...

Found your blog through Ryan Zohner. IM YOUR BIGGEST FAN!

<3 BillyBob

libby olenslager said...

Oh, and by gravel I mean grovel.....didn't mean to confuse the one and only Kentacular!....

nomerci said...

Can someone in Nevada really complain about the price of gas to someone from California?? j/k This is Jonelle (a.k.a. Jojo's) sister Alyssa.
Love the blog, it entertains me. I've been hooked since the near death 3 wheeler blog. I still say the sitcom needs to happen and then you won't have to wait for the call from Ed Mcmahon. I am ready to write it.

Baby Name suggestions: Zazy, Jejunum and Montie-Q.

mrsfussypants said...

Do you really have to ask? Of COURSE we read your blog. It is lovely, of good report and hilarious.

Jan said...

hey ken. can't wait to give you Christmas presents in . . . three years.

BrettM said...

I found you again. Sorry I ever left.

I know I had your blog URL somewhere, but then Google Reader helped me find it again. Now I'll never go without.

We are friends because we know the same people.

Baby names? Think Greek mythology. Bible names are so last week.

And, Ken, I am getting GOUGED at the pump.

Julie Konchar said...

I'm back to say even though you totally rock Ken, I think we'd all love to read a guest post once in a while from Katie. Maybe she can whip up a little something concurrent to whipping up the next kid. See what you can arrange.


Katrina Madsen Berg said...

Hey Ken,

Marlise's friend Treen here. Just had our 3rd homebirth last week, had posted our son's birth story, and Marlise (beautiful mother-to-be) had left me comment on our blog, causing me to think of you and Katie & that we owe you many thanks. People always ask how we decided to have our kiddos at home, and if i like them, or know them fairly well, i tell them about you, Katie, and how you shared your birth stories with my sis Dez & i. I've been meaning to thank you for a while...

Of course i was impressed to see "54 comments" on this post, so I had to go back up, read your plea, and realized that i probably should be reading your blog :). Anyways, thx again, big hugs to Katie, all your charming kiddos, and congrats on your next!


The Howe's said...

55 comments is pretty amazing I'd say for a father of 5 who belongs to one. Some of us were talking about your blog so I looked it up. congratulations on all the comments and good luck with names.

Katie, Nathan and Ava said...

Same comment as Laura Howe...55 comments that is crazy, I have yet to acheive that level of success on our blog. Someone had mentioned that your blog was very funny at the Beauty and The Beast play last night, so I googled your blog.

Julie Konchar said...

I am back AGAIN, to comment but it is for the next post, about YC. You are a tard for not letting us post comments on all your posts.
Well, enough with the compliments!
I was there. You neglected to mention we fasted. We were given an orange to eat the morning of the "activities" and then nothing else until Ma and Pa Clampitt stew that night. (So in addition to no teeth brushing, we also had fasting breath.) And I even managed to miss the stew, because I nearly severed my thumb in a freak whittling accident, as I tried to carve my own wooden spoon from a flat piece of wood. A wooden spoon that I was going to eat the stew with.
Yes, Ken Craig, you are not the only bitter "youth" from that conference.

Ken said...

Thank you to everyone for the comments, feedback, links to you own blogs, and stuff! And for those of you who didn't leave comments (and you know who you are), I still love you. I'm a little disappointed in your behavior, and I'd like you think about what you've done...but I still love you. (And if you'd like to still let me know you're out there, it only takes a second. No judging. This is a safe place.)

Thanks again!

merathon said...

poo, i missed it.

Stephanie said...

Ken, You could make some sort of family tree or connections table with all the people that read your blog. It could be something like "The Six Degrees to Ken's Blog."

I read your blog (and so does True, when I remember to tell him about it). We our blogless. Nothing blog-worthy going on. Maybe we'll have bloggy lives someday!

As for baby names, I can't think of any cute enough for you. But I did think that times have changed from: "My Mom and Dad got my name from a book of baby names" to "My Mom and Dad got my name from comments on their blog!"

:) sgt

p.s. Have you considered the name Blogg? The double g's give it a feeling of name-ness.

ginger said...

Ok, so I'm a little behind on posting my comment. Honestly I check your blog for updates and there never is any so when I checked today I was shocked to see so many posted! I received similar questions by email and these things always frustrate me.
Your blog is so fun and entertaining...just like you. Hummm, do you think you had something to do with it? I have a blog as well, but it's not quite as entertaining. Just a day in the life of the Dennett's.

Pete Codella said...

You must know what a fabulous writer you are (that’s why I fired you). I have introduced several people to your blog (including my wife who commented before me) just for the sheer entertainment of it. Keep it up!
I have a couple favorite baby names and you can take your pick: Vincenzo, or Vincenza for a girl, or Massimiliano (sorry, no female equivalent I’m aware of).
I have way too many blogs, so I won’t bore you with a list. You can check out my Facebook profile or if you really want to delve into Pete’s blogdom.

Anonymous said...

Chris (aka Former co-worker at CBN). You might as well be running around in blue tights...because you're my hero!

Matt and Shannon said...

I have never seen more comments on one blog post in my life!! You are so popular - love your musings - keep it up!