Tell Me Who I Am

I am one of the contributing writers in this collection of essays on life, family, love, and faith. Everyday stories, by everyday Mormons.

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Tell Me Who I Am is a collection of stories and essays depicting everyday life for sixteen LDS writers. Told with humor and sensitivity, these stories offer a glimpse into a religious culture that is alternately criticized, admired, and misunderstood. While dogma may define a people, it's individual stories that ultimately tell us who we are. Contributing writers: Becca Wilhite; Stephanie Sorensen; Luisa Perkins; Jana Winters Parkin; Annette Lyon; Patrick Livingston; Melanie Jacobson; DeNae Handy; Debbie Frampton; Ken Craig; Christopher Clark; Karen Burton; Gideon Burton; Michelle Budge; Joshua Bingham; Cari Banning. Cover art, illustrations, and design by award-winning artist Jana Winters Parkin.

Here are the reviews!
I love this book so much I have not only read it multiple times, I've come back and purchased several more to give as gifts, and have had the best response from each recipient. The assortment of stories and essays is just right...some laugh-out-loud, a few tear-jerkers, and all of them faith-affirming without ever sounding preachy. To read it is like hanging out, having the conversation of your life with a great group of trusted friends. Highly recommended.  - ArtMuseLit

During one chapter you'll be laughing so hard you can't breathe and the next, you'll have tears running down your cheeks. All of the stories are 'relatable'. They are our own stories told by someone else. Great to give as a gift! - Kim Almond

And MY favorite:
This book is funny, clever, insightful and did I mention funny!? Full of great short stories for any really is a fun book to read! Go on, you know you want to buy one, or 2 or 3. Give them to your friends or parents, or siblings or anyone & everyone who does or doesn't like to read. Cause it's worth it! ;) And no, not paid to say that, just LOVE one of the writers; Ken Craig- awesomest guy ever! - Camille Christensen (Who I am NOT related to, nor do I owe her money nor does she owe ME money - she's just THAT wonderful!)

You can buy the book for $15 measly bucks, right here

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