Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Films: Guys' Apartment

Today’s Friday Films is a live performance from The Garrens.

If you are not familiar with The Garrens, this is the improv and sketch comedy troupe that Katie and I were both in during our college days at BYU. This is also where Katie and I met, fell in love, tore our ACL on stage (that was mostly Katie) and were voted Most Likely to Undress on Stage (that was mostly me). I’ve written about The Garrens on a few other occasions. Specifically how we came to be, our history, and then how Katie and I came to be. You can read those bits by clicking here. And I, of course, endorse doing so.

Each Friday night we performed our original material on campus at 7:30 p.m. and 9:15 p.m., to a crowd of about 750 people between the two shows. It was a wonderful creative outlet, and I dearly miss it, as well as those I was blessed to perform with and call my friends.

This particular sketch featured today is called Guys’ Apartment. In the spirit of full disclosure, I will admit that I wrote this particular bit. One night, when Katie and I were dating, I was hanging out at her apartment and all her roommates were there and I was watching them all interact. I realized that there were these very real customs or cultures that went on in college girls’ apartments. And I noticed that they were vastly different than men’s apartments, where the only real “custom” is to shut the bathroom door when you’re sitting in there. That was usually followed.

So I watched Katie and her roommates interacting and thought how funny it would be to have a sketch where the men are acting just like college girls – not effeminate or girly, but adapting to their customs. So I went home and wrote this sketch.

Now, please keep in mind I wrote this for a very targeted audience. If you were not a girl attending BYU in the mid-90s…you may not catch every detail and joke. For example, it was a BYU tradition in girls apartments that if a girl kissed her date goodnight, she had to buy ice cream for all her roommates. So some things may be lost. Additionally, at this point, you could consider this a “period piece.” It was written and performed in 1995, for crying out loud. Most people did not have cell phones, email, or the Interwebs.

Also, the filming of it is not with the most high-tech equipment. The sound is especially inferior. So you have to listen quite carefully. Also, you should know, my character is loosely based on Katie.

Thank you for indulging me. I really used to have a good time performing this particular sketch. The last time we performed it was in the Marriott Center, about 16 years ago. So go back with me to 1995, somewhere in a girls’ apartment near BYU…


Brittany said...

Soooo, did you know I follow your blog? Kind of creepy that I've been doing it for the past two years since I left Vegas and you probably never knew, but there you have it. ANYWAY, it's always magnificent, but today was just too much. Did you know this exists: ?? So basically, you were 16 years ahead of the curve. Congrats.

And I can assure you, as an active member of a girls' apartment at BYU in 2011, that everything is still the same. Ice cream included.

Sally said...

My roommates and I loved the Garren's. We were Friday night regulars! I remember this skit--one of the best!

Libby Ipson said...

I can't even begin to tell you how much I loved this video!

Melinda said...

this is one of my favorite skits. i was just thinking about it last night. and also the one about journals. i was laughing again at eric snider saying, little punk lost all my cd's.
thanks for the good times.

Heather said...

Good old ice cream days. Also the tradition at Ricks before it was BYU-Idaho. And this was heeeeelarious!

Anonymous said...

Never read your blog before, but Google Reader recommended it. The premise for your sketch reminds me of a one act play we did in high school, "If Men Played Cards as Women Do." Worth reading, if you can find it; even better to see.

Kazzy said...

Lol. I loved the Garrens!

Anonymous said...

Ahhh. Such memories. This skit was performed after my time of seeing The Garrens on those Friday nights but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

Craigles. I lost your email address through a particularly bogus computer crash. Contact me please. I'm on the eve of seeing U2 again and have been thinking about you.



Ken Craig said...

Kazz - YOU were at the Garrens shows? I feel an even deeper connection.

Coreles - Yes, I am emailing you immediately.

Rebecca said...

Never lived in the dorms at byu, but this was hillarious anyway! You guys played the girls perfectly! so funny!!!