Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2011 in Review

I’m a bit late on the year-end recap here at The Craig Report. 2011, which was a delightful year in many ways for us Craigs, ended bump-ily. 

It was a year that brought us Lucy. A year where Roxanna was baptized, Garren received the priesthood, and Abbie received her Young Womanhood medallion. A year where I was privileged to travel to New York, Boston, and China. A year when Katie was blessed to assist numerous women giving birth. A year when we finally decided to fly our freak flag and bought a 12-passenger van. A year where we thoroughly enjoyed countless visits with friends and family and were reminded how fortunate we are to know such incredible, generous, witty people.

And it was a year that ended with an illness that punched us in the collective throat and mocked us while we tried to breathe. It is only now, over a week and half later, that we are crawling out of the hole that was The Last Week of 2011. It has put life on hold for longer than any of us anticipated.

So I promise to be back soon with a tale worthy of reading. In the meantime, please enjoy our Christmas card, and a video with some of our highlights from 2011. We love you. 


Josh said...

Your family is so beautiful. You should be proud.

Also, I need to do a year end slide show! Genius!

LisAway said...

I'm so sorry that your year went out with such a terrible sort of bang.

BUT WHAT BEAUTIFUL CHILDREN YOU HAVE! Whoa! And it looks like you had such a wonderful year.

I love the three pictures with you and the baby in the middle of the slide show. How cute is THAT?

Ken Craig said...

Josh, I'm telling you, making a year-end slideshow is the most fun you'll have doing any kind of "family history." It's pretty great. And thank you for saying my family is beautiful.

Lisa, thank YOU for saying my children are beautiful. (My wife made me put those exact photos in that you're referring to. She made me do it, Lisa.)

DeNae said...

Great. Now I'm bawling. Absolutely fantastic.

Jonelle Hughes said...

I loved it! I kept thinking, "this is my favorite picture," and then another would come up and I would say, THIS is my favorite, and so on.... I love end of year slide shows. I think I will make one. I think I will put it to the tune of "The Cave" by Mumford and Sons. Yes, I think I will! :)