Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas in 2015!

2015. Let me ‘splain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up. 

I had the privilege of playing the Bishop in the beloved Once I Was a Beehive! I love the friendships that came out of this amazing experience. The producers also sent me to Las Vegas to introduce the film and do Q&As. To see so many friends come out in support reminded me that a part of my heart will always be there. And no, being in a movie hasn't landed me any stalkers. I don't even have my own table at Burger Supreme! (That's my barometer for knowing I've "made it.") 

Other highlights: Working at Food for Health, serving in the bishopric, finding grey chest-hairs. 

Katie turned 40 and we had a party, with amazing performances and tributes!

I got to be the emcee...and give the final tribute. 

Our friend, Patrick, who composed an amazing, original birthday song for Katie.

Katie's sister, Rachel, giving us "Katie's Hairstyles Through the Years."

Jonelle, paying a lovely, moving tribute like only she could. 

Katie and Lisa, improv-ing what their Provo-based talk show would look like. 
It's a crime that this show doesn't exist. 

The Craig kids, performing their dance interpretation of Men in Black. 

Eric D. Snider, performing one of Katie's favorite songs from his vast library of hits.

Other Katie highlights: Year 12 of homeschooling, serving as Primary President, had a BYU Freshman Roommates reunion. It was adorable, you guys. 

Also, Katie and I celebrated our 20-year anniversary! 

This 5-minute video represents those 20 years. How do you condense 20 years into 5 minutes? You make a hard and fast rule that any clips must involve dancing or dance-like manuevering. 

Other highlights: Katie and I also went back to our roots – where we first met – performing improv! A couple of times a month we perform at Comedy Sportz! 


We also starred in this Doritos commercial, which did NOT get selected for the Super Bowl [sad trombone sound], but thank you all for the support, anyway. We loved making it. 

Abbie is 18. Graduated high school and started college at BYU, moved onto campus, and got a lead part in a main stage production at BYU! She also sent us this video of her and her roommate, Sariah. 

Garren is 16. Driving, dating, and working at Comedy Sportz! He sort of makes me feel embarrassed that I ever thought I was cool at 16, because he is absolutely nailing it. 

Connor is 14. I'm telling you right now, this was his highlight this year. You can read about it here. Constantly creating - either in his mind, on a sketch pad, or with tools. I'm jealous of his creativity.

Roxanna is 12. She is officially a Beehive. She loves the cello, her baking skills are off the chart, and she is a smiley soul. (Pictured here with Grandma Fillmore.)

Tanner is 10. The Force Awakens blew his mind; and him venturing out into the Pacific with his little sister on a paddle board blew mine. 

Becca is 7. Loves the violin and has fully recovered from a traumatic head injury this summer. I still don't love talking about it.  


Lucy is 4. She makes up the best songs and is at my favorite age - where they say whatever comes to their mind and assume all their observations are completely accurate. 

Hillary is 2. She is speaking in full sentences. Her favorite one seems to be when you urgently ask her to do something and she answers, "Hold on a minute." 

Biggest Adventure This Year: We made a trip to southern California, where I lived growing up. 

What it looks like traveling in our van. With Garren driving. 

When I made all of us pull over in the Joshua Tree National Forest 
so my sons and I could re-enact the cover of U2's album. 

Santa Monica Pier

Hollywood's famous Pink's Hot Dogs. Also, if you look closely, you'll see the cutest thing ever captured on film. 
20-month old Hillary pulling Becca's face close to her for the shot. Can you stand it?!

That's the Hollywood Sign behind us. Objects in photo are closer than they appear. 

Touching the temple! The L.A. Temple, to be exact. 

At the beach. I loved this day. 

Stopping at my parents' house for a quick selfie. Don't they look amazing?! 

Visiting Katie's parents, on a mission in California - almond and pistachio farms. Delicious. 
The fields were ripe and ready to harvest! HAHAHA! I'm funny. 

Sailing and seal watching!

This is my cousin Lisa. I hadn't seen her since I was probably 10. We got to catch up on the last 34 years! 
I adore her and her husband, Mark. They are generous and kind, and I love claiming them as family!

Other highlights:

Stake Pioneer Trek at Martin's Cove.

Inspired by our incredible friend, Matti. 

First Portugal Lisbon North mission reunion in 20 years! 
We waited too long to take the picture, most people had left. 
Great to visit with some incredible friends. 

Halloween: Craig Wax Museum

Thanksgiving dinner. 

When I look back on the details of 2015, I am able to immediately recognize how much would not have happened without the influence, love, and help of so many. I feel my Heavenly Father's love manifested by the people He places in my life. I am blessed to have extraordinary family and friends play an immeasurable role in the good that surrounds me. I love this time of year. I am grateful for the Savior, Jesus Christ, and all that is available through Him. Merry Christmas! Thank you for being my friends! 


lilcis said...

When I look through these photos, I am struck by how awesome your family is at fitting everyone into a selfie! Merry Christmas, Craigs! We love you!

Frank and Jill Judd said...

Beautiful post, amazing family, makes me thankful for my blessings that we live so close and get to hangout with you guys!

zerry ht said...

You have just an adorable family buddy and knowing that makes me really happy. I also have a very big family and I am planning a small party for them but cannot do it alone. This is a reason I am looking for good event coordinator, do you know anyone who can help me.

Matt Avery said...

To be clear, I am only slightly older than Lucy and I still tend to assume all my observations are completely accurate.