Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Self Promotion! Everyone Enjoys That!

To avoid being fined for ignoring my civic duties, there are a few things I need to let you know about.

One: Katie and I recently did an interview on The Mormon Channel, speaking on a show called Tech Savvy about Parenting in the Tech Age. We were interviewed by our new friend Elisa, the delightful host of the program, and we were appearing with Richard and Linda Eyre. Yes, those Richard and Linda Eyres, the authors of over a dozen bestselling books, including Teaching Your Children Values which was the first parenting book to make it to the position of #1 New York Times bestseller since Dr. Spock's book.

Are you keeping score here?

Authors of Bestselling Books: Eyres: 12, Craigs: Less Than Zero.
Sought After for Parenting Advice: Eyres: Constantly, Craigs: As of This Afternoon, Not Once.
Raising a Large Family: Eyres: 9 children, Craigs: 7. (Ok, we’re closer on that one.)
BUT…Richard Eyre ran for Governor of Utah in 1992, and lost to Mike Leavitt. Katie ran for Student Council President that same year at Ryle High School…and won! So yeah, I guess we were pretty evenly matched for this interview.

Sincerely, the Eyres are a most wonderful, genuine, and kind couple. It is no wonder they are so accomplished. It was intimidating to be sitting next to such prolific people, but they made us feel like we belonged. Every time Richard made a comment I was so tempted to say, “I’m going to have to disagree with you there, Richard.” Because – HA! – it would be hilarious. Because nobody disagrees with him. Because he’s kind of a maharishi in his field. So it would be funny. You get it? No? See, I was kind of worried nobody else would either, so I didn’t do it.

Anyway, you can listen to the interview right HERE – but be warned, you aren’t going to hear anything from us that you haven’t already thought of yourself. In fact, if you don’t say, “Uhm…no, doi!” at least three times after I speak, you aren’t listening close enough. Here is a two-minute clip of the show, and soon you'll be able to see the entire episode. 

Second: It’s Mother’s Day on Sunday, and you need to get her something! I can’t believe you’ve even waited this long! But your secret is safe with me, and I’m even going to help you out. Order this book, “Tell Me Who I Am,” and you will get a special bookmark and chocolates to go with it. And your mom will love you! I am a contributing author to it, so finally, one day, it will change the score to Bestselling Books: Eyres: 12, Craigs: 1. Order today in order to get it by Mother’s Day! Order by clicking right HERE!

Finally, and most importantly: Shakespeare. He’s dead. But just as I anticipate with my blog, Shakespeare’s writings are still celebrated years after his death!

If you live nearby or just across state lines or you’re related to me and have no choice in the matter, you simply must attend this weekend’s performances of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night! You won’t regret it – because I SAID SO!

This play’s got everything! Sword fighting, flirting, drunken 12 year olds, sad clowns, and a spit-take! What’s a spit take? You know, it’s that thing, where you have water in your mouth and someone makes you laugh or makes you angry so you spit water all over everyone… (And yes, there is a “splash-zone.” That’s just good theater.)

My son, Garren, plays said drunken 12 year old. And more proud, I could not be. He is so delightful to watch, you’ll want to take him home with you. But you’ll regret it. Because he eats two double-doubles whenever you go to In-N-Out; and folks, that adds up! But WAIT – the talent doesn’t stop there. The play is being directed by my triple-threat wife, Katie! She speaks on technology, she directs plays, and she…well, she does everything else under the sun with impeccable talent and good looks. And my daughter, Abbie, is helping direct the play. It’s a family affair! And you’re invited!

THIS Friday and Saturday, 2 p.m. matinees for $5/ticket or evening shows at 7 p.m. for $10/ticket. They are performing at Family Music Center, 8125 West Sahara Avenue  Las Vegas, NV 89117. Let me know if you’d like tickets, as Garren is selling them and needs money to support his In-N-Out habit.

That is all the announcements I have for today, friends! Thanks for coming by. I can't tell you how much I love you for it.