Tuesday, February 14, 2012

All I Ask of You

Several years ago our stake (Church unit comprising of a number of congregations) held a Valentine’s Day party for all the adults. There was a talent show (of sorts) involved, and Katie and I were asked to participate. 

We wrote a song parody of “All I Ask of You” from Phantom of the Opera. Problem is, we couldn’t perform it. Well, Katie couldn’t perform it because she said she didn’t want to sing it with anyone else but me. And I couldn’t perform it because my singing is so painful to human ears it has been known to anger monks, make people change political parties, and start wars among peaceful nations.

So we wrote it, but we then recruited our wonderfully talented friends Ben and Trinity to sing it. And boy, howdy, did they ever! Our video camera wasn’t working that evening, but we did happen to catch an audio recording of their performance.

And I present it to you now, without Ben and Trinity’s permission.  

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! I love you. 


DeNae said...

I haven't even listened to it and I'm already giggling. Of course, seven years ago I was at the piano, trying to read their music through tears of laughter.

Ken Craig said...

It's true, DeNae. You were rockin' the piano for this very performance! Ah, memories. Like the corner of my mind. Misty, water-colored...never mind.

Valerie said...

There are no words! I LOVE it!

Anonymous said...