Monday, February 25, 2013

Cirque du Storytelling

So you remember last year, when I was invited to speak at the Story @ Home conference, right? I spoke with my friend Jenny Eckton? Remember? About how to blog about your faith? You gave us a standing ovation and through your tears you hurled candy, flowers and money at us. Remember? Ah, memories.

Well, as a result of your enthusiasm and fan mail (that I’m assuming the USPS lost or maybe Jenny ended up with, because I never saw any of it), I have the distinct privilege of speaking at the Story @ Home Conference again THIS year! I KNOW!

This year I will be joined by my outrageously talented and lovely and delightful wife, Katie. Our presentation is titled Being Present in Your Own Story, and here is our description of the class: Are we so busy documenting our lives that we aren't living them? Or are we so focused on our presentation that we are missing the moments? Learn real-life strategies for enjoying and documenting life in a fun and humorous way!

In preparation for our class, Katie and I have spent hours upon hours practicing our Cirque du Soleil routine and we are going to incorporate it into the presentation to amaze you all! It’s going to be spectacular! (It’s going to be a single pose with Katie standing on my knees. But you simply have to see it to believe it!)

The Story @ Home Conference is really all about storytelling and the joy of telling your own story. Whether it’s blogging, bedtime stories, or entertaining a crowd, you can find classes that provide training, presentations, and workshops to develop and refine your craft.

Something else remarkable is that in only its sophomore year, the Story @ Home conference is combining with the RootsTech Conference, a renowned Family History conference held at the Salt Palace Convention Center in Salt Lake City. And while I can’t promise everyone will be doing Cirque du Soleil acts like Katie and I, you can get a pass for the entire Story @ Home conference for $79!

Mark your calendars, folks! March 21-23. See you there!