Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Hinckley Automotive & Me

Well, it’s January 8th, and I’ve already completed my New Year’s Resolution: Appear in a car commercial. I honestly don’t know what else I can accomplish this year. Exercise? Passé. Learn the piano? There’s only one Elton John/Billie Joel/Chris Martin/Piano Guys/Dude that played piano for 1990’s band The Origin. What would be the point? No, I’ll just be content with my colossal acting career.

The back story: This is a commercial for Hinckley Automotive. Our writer/director friend Daryn asked us to be in it, and it was a truly entertaining experience. Loved it.

This commercial really belongs to our new friend, Trenton. But I like to think Katie and I brought something to the table. For example, Katie's expression when Trenton turns and asks how he can help her? Oh, man. She’s a genius.

As for me? I have one line. Barely. That’s me saying, “Hi. How can I help y--?” and then I get punched out. That may look like nothing. But do you know how many times I had to take a fall? Like, one bajillion times. (Or maybe it was just 20.)

It was a fun-filled afternoon of filming. And they brought in lunch from Panda Express. You guys, it was totally awesome. And I’m proud of my friend, Daryn.