Monday, May 23, 2011

Raising Money for Hair Products

Do you remember watching or enjoying the hype of Live Aid?

According to the Interwebs, Live Aid was “a dual-venue concert that was held on 13 July 1985. The event was held simultaneously in Wembley Stadium in London, England and John F. Kennedy Stadium in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It was one of the largest-scale satellite link-ups and television broadcasts of all time: an estimated global audience of 1.9 billion, across 150 nations, watched the live broadcast.

I recently bought the DVD for $18.

I was enjoying watching my favorite band, Philadelphia’s own The Hooters, when my … ah, you got me. No, my actual favorite band is U2, and they were established as preeminent live performers after their appearance here.

I was rocking out in my old age when my six year old walked up to me.

Her: Dad…what’s wrong with Bono’s hair?”

Me: Oh…it was 1985.

Her: Oh…so…(nodding her head like she’s getting it, but kind of still questioning)…hairbrushes hadn’t been invented yet?

Me: Touché.


Hita Broomand said...

We didn't need hairbrushes in 1985. Big hair was all the rage. Plus, Bono never looked better. :)

Laura Kissner said...

As I recall, we only needed a hair pick.

Kazzy said...

LOL Yes, I tell my sons about the hair bands of the 80s. Fun memories!

Erik said...

U2 is not a hair band. As a fan of Poison, Def Leppard, Motley Crue, Bon Jovi, and Guns 'n' Roses I take offense at the categorization of U2 as a hair band.