Monday, October 11, 2010

Haunting Tales

For those of you who might only recently have stumbled upon this here bloggety blog, it might interest you to know that when the haunting month of October rolls around, I usually like to take the opportunity to spin a chilling yarn or two. It’s my way of welcoming in the holiday. (Please note: These tales do not include gratuitous violence, potty language, or the names Wes or Craven. I’m really more of a fan of the spine tingling, not the terror or the repugnant.) 

So, if you’ve had a “tricky” time getting into the “spirit” of the season, and you are wishing somebody would “treat” you to a “spookfest” of unnerving “tales,” and that “they” would stop using “quotation marks” when they write, then search no further, my curious comrade. Turn out the lights, huddle around the eerie glow of your computer monitor … and be warned… the following tales are all true.

(Click on the links below…if you dare… Bwa-ha. Bwa-ha-ha-ha-HA!)