Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Ken has, on occasion, asked me to 'guest post' on his blog. I have resisted for several reasons.
  1. I love Ken's blog. I love the avenue for expression that it affords him. It is wonderful as it is, and why would I meddle with something great?

  2. It is Ken's blog. You, sweet Readers, come to hear Ken's adorable musings, his witty take on particular subjects like bathrooms, and his sincere diatribes against issues of considerable seriousness such as man jewelry.

  3. Ken has a way with hyperbole. And in the case of a certain wife to whom he is married, he wears thick rose-colored glasses while painting flattering pictures of her with his words. It is understandably one of my favorite qualities about him. But such spectacles may endow the finished painting with more lovely features and attributes than are apparent to the naked eye. Frankly, what if the real thing doesn't measure-up?
But today, I break with all my hard-held excuses and insecurities and do hereby post on Ken's blog. 

Why here? Why now? Because even though my sweet husband is hundreds of miles away, hiking with a group of young men and leaders, out of reach of all modern communication technology, he managed to make our anniversary surprising, personal, and very connected. And he orchestrated it with Godfather-esque precision at least 6 days ago, before he left town and civilization as we know it.

So thank you to all his note-deliverers, chocolate-carriers, singers, and fancy-lunch cookers. I'm not going to pry into the details of the arrangements, I'll just assume he made you an offer you couldn't refuse.

And, dear Readers, as you read my favorite blog, think what you will about me and what kind of a woman, wife, and mother I am. I can only say in my defense, I am married to the best man, husband, and father. Ever.