Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodnight, 2009.

Some still shots of the year.

Watched the kids get older. Loved being a dad. Loved being married to Katie.

Started a plumbing business with my friend, John. He’s the plumber, I’m the other guy. We are ecstatic. Things just keep getting better.

Went to two of the most amazing concerts ever. The first: my brother, Dehn, and his wife, Catherine, got me a ticket to Coldplay, down in San Diego. We were practically on the stage. Unforgettable. The second: U2 at Sam Boyd Stadium. Every star aligned, and thanks to some wonderful friends, we were within sweating distance from the band. These two concerts have spoiled me for life. From now on, unless I am sitting on the stage, I won’t be satisfied. I’ve become a concert snob. I make no apologies.

Realized I did not see enough movies this year. May not sound like the noblest of regrets; but I really enjoy movies. The good news is that by not seeing very many, I managed to avoid Bride Wars, Old Dogs, and Hannah Montana: The Movie. 

Got to see Ashley sealed in the temple and then I got to perform the Ring Ceremony. Got to visit with dear friends. Happy about the people I know and love; blessed to know them. Feel like I carpe’d the diem more often than not. Feel grateful that there is still time for improvement. Feel blessed beyond what I could ever qualify for.