Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Dangers of YouTube

This last week I was asked to speak to the youth of our stake on the subject of maintaining righteous standards in their choices of entertainment. (In the LDS Church, a “stake” is a grouping of several “wards.” A “ward” is a “congregation.” “Youth” is ages 12 to 18 years old. And “righteous standards” is entertainment that is not salacious, graphic, or starring Mickey Rourke.) You can click here for more information. (On the LDS Church, I mean. I won’t pretend to know where to click to find information on Mickey Rourke. But you could probably Google the word “infection” and find him somewhere in there.)

Another bishop in the stake spoke with me, and in an effort to hold the youth’s attention and earn some street cred, we made a short video for YouTube. (It held their attention; but let's be honest, there was never a chance for any “street cred.”)

We showed the YouTube video during the program and set it up as “you never know what kind of outrageous, shocking video you could come across on the Interwebs…”