Saturday, November 22, 2008


This is my two-year old son, Tanner. The child has the uncanny ability to fall asleep anywhere. These photos represent only a fraction of the times and places he has unsuspectingly slipped off into dreamland.

I cannot fathom having a conscience so peaceful, so serene, as to be able to lay my head down at any moment and nod off without a care in the world. A true demonstration in omni-slumber.

His unparalleled ability to publicly snooze is matched only by his intolerance for clothing. Many are the mornings when Katie has dressed him in jeans and a long-sleeve shirt, only to find him seconds later downstairs sporting shorts, and maybe – MAYBE – a cape, as he dons the persona of the superhero de jour. So no, it’s not uncommon to find him half-nude and unconscious around the house – turning our home into some sort of frat house.

But here is what you have to admire. The man’s dedication. In this video clip you'll take note that while sleep may be his kryptonite, he will fend it off; and, with extraordinary determination, finish what he’s started.