Saturday, March 17, 2007

This Side of Thirty-Six

 So, I’m 36 today. I’m not a mathematician (though I did take Geometry twice in high school, thank you very much), but I believe that means that 20 years ago, I was 16 years old.

Let me tell you how awesome 1987 was. You think your 1987 was awesome? Well, Chester, I submit to you that my 1987 was even awesomer. It was the year of The Joshua Tree, Nothing Like the Sun, and License to Ill. It was the era of The Princess Bride, Roxanne, and The Untouchables. It was the summer of love, water polo, and Zuma Beach. It was the year of my first kiss, my first drivers license, my first speeding ticket, my first car (1976 Honda Civic), my second speeding ticket, my second kiss, my first U2 concert, my first surfing trip to Baja California, and my last Scout Camp.

Again, math is not my strong point, but I believe this would also mean that 30 years ago I was 6 years old.

1977. The year of Saturday Night Fever, the original release of Star Wars, and Marlo Thomas’ Free to Be You & Me. (Of which I recall seeing every year I was in elementary school.) (Free to Be You & Me, not Saturday Night Fever.) It was also my first year playing soccer (we were aptly called The Star Warriors), and my first instance with ditching school. (Story for another time.)

Along with math, I’ve never been gifted with the ability to visualize my future. At 6 I didn’t even know there was a 16. And at 16, I had no idea how it would be to have my own family. (In fact, whenever I’ve been in a job interview and they ask, “Where do you see yourself in five years?” I want to answer, “On some Federal Board, outlawing the asking of this most asinine of interview questions.”) But now that I’m here, at 36, I highly recommend it.