Wednesday, August 10, 2011

So You Think You Can Dance AND that You Know Katie?

So today is Katie's birthday. If you already knew that, then congratulations - you're pretty cool! But HOW cool are you? Just how well do you know Katie? Read the following stories and decide for yourself...

Katie looked like she was 16 when we got engaged!
Next week will be 16 years that we've been married. Here's a video from two years ago. 
And yes, of course, you most likely are already aware...that Katie homebirths. 

Happy Birthday to the most remarkable, delightful, lovely, talented, hilarious, genius I know; who also lets me pinch her bum in public. World...I give you Katie Fillmore Craig.


DeNae said...

Happy birthday, darling Katie! I still have the "ode" I wrote you on your 29th birthday. Goodness, how many have we shared together in one way or another? At least 10, huh? Love you and that cute clan!

Kazzy said...

Happy birthday! Great tribute. :)

Beej said...

Me likey Katie!!! Happy Birthday to my friend!!